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Peggie O'Neill 

Peggie O'Neill is a Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist, working for over 30 years in the field of cosmetology. For the past several years she has been working as a licensed Micro Pigmentation specialist. She worked in Los Angeles and San Francisco for 26 years before moving to the Michiana area.

Peggie O'Neill specializes in eyebrow shaping and repair of brows that have been over plucked or have experienced a waxing disaster. Working with women to grow thinning brows back in. Women don't realize thin brows add years to your appearance.

The introduction of permanent makeup also known as "micro pigmentation" has provided the opportunity for countless people to enjoy greater self confidence from an improved image. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure using pigments not ink, to help enhance everyday appearance, and may also be used to help camouflage unsightly scars, or replace the appearance of hair loss resulting from chemotherapy, Alopecia or Trichotillomania. For those with little or no eyebrow hair, this procedure can provide more natural-looking results. Thicker better shaped brows without having to pencil everyday. Thicker appearing lashes without mascara! Permanent makeup can also be used to change the look and color of your lips.

Your safely and satisfaction are my number 1 priority. In my studio, which is licensed by the St. Joseph County Health Department, I strictly adhere to all OSHA standards and protocols including single use disposable needles and tubes as well as the best pigments; FDA approved ingredients, made in the USA.

In addition to permanent makeup, I have created a tutorial for women starting chemotherapy. During this complimentary instruction, I teach women how to work with the hair loss of their brows and lashes, through  simple methods which allow them to mimic their natural brow and lashes. This is a free service. Please tell your friends and pass this on.

Peggie O'Neill's work has been featured on the cover of .

Wedding Day Magazine, Summer Edition 2010

Wedding Day Magazine, Summer Edition 2009

Wedding Day Magazine, Summer Edition 2008

Wedding Day Magazine, Winter Edition 2008

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